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The Vine Room

Enjoy 100% Privacy in your own dedicated area

What Is The Vine Room?

The Vine Room at Hoppin’ vines is a private room that can hold smaller meetings of 10-15 people all the way to large parties and wine/beer tastings of 30+ people. When you are in the Vine Room you not only have your privacy but also all the trimmings for your corporate event or party: a dedicated screen and sound system to tap in in your corporate presentation and even a private outside patio attached to the room for relaxing as a group.


Many options for reserving your private event are available, such as a combination of the private Vine Room coupled with reserving your own Duckpin Bowling lane. And of course every hour is your private happy hour at Hoppin’ Vines if you so choose to organize the entire event food and beverage packages available!


We have additional space for private events in addition to the Vine Room so please contact us below and we can work your perfect party.

Mobile Oven

Delicio's Mobile Oven is available to be booked! We can bring our oven to you! Any starter, pizza, or dessert can be brought to your event. From birthday parties to corporate retreats, our oven will be there!


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