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Duckpin Bowling

What Is Duckpin Bowling?

Hoppin' Vines is proud to offer the Cincinnati area duckpin bowling! Duckpin bowling is a miniature, scaled down version of bowling. You can keep your shoes on, and hold a drink while you toss a ball down the lane!


To best explain the concept, think of full sized bowling. Now combine that with skee-ball, and you essentially have duckpin bowling! It is fun that the entire family can enjoy. No need to flip up the bumpers in this game!

We allow up to 5 people per lane. It cost $6 a person, per game. If we are on a wait, we allow groups to play one game, then they may get back on the wait list. If we are not on a wait, we allow groups to play multiple games. Sign up at the host desk! 

The only time we reserve lanes are for private events. Otherwise, tables and duckpin are first come, first serve outside of private events. Head to the events section on our website to send us a contact form and get started!

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