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About Hoppin' Vines

     Hoppin’ Vines began as an idea to bring a unique experience to Cincinnati. Our local owners wanted Hoppin’ Vines to deliver an environment where no one need compromise to enjoy themselves. Cincinnati is already known for outstanding local craft beer, and Hoppin’ Vines’ 40 Taps will be on constant rotation, offering new craft beer to our guests. We focus on local, regional and national craft. HV plans at least half of the 40 taps will be dedicated to curated craft beers from the many great, local breweries in and surrounding Cincinnati.

     We love beer, but we also love wine and spirits! As a wine lover, when you walk into Hoppin’ Vines you will be greeted by our 1,000+ bottle walk-in wine cellar and realize you’re right at home. Hoppin’ Vines has crafted over 30 wine flights to offer you an opportunity to experiment with wines from around the world. Try several pours to help you discover new favorites, which are available by the glass or the bottle.

     Did someone say spirits? We are in Bourbon country and our extensive Bourbon and spirits/cocktail menu will not disappoint.

     Life at Hoppin’ Vines would not be complete without our Duckpin Bowling experience. If you have not tried Duckpin yet, get ready for a fun, casual game of scaled-down bowling. There is no need for those smelly, rented bowling shoes or the many different ball options of traditional bowling. Just leave your shoes on, pick up a ball and let the fun begin!

     Our partners at Delicio Coal Fired Pizza have brought their outstanding classic menu offerings to our Hoppin’ Vines guests, with additional unique items created to pair with our wine and beer. Be sure to check out the best of Delicio’s freshest ingredient options while at Hoppin’ Vines!

     Finally, we have you covered to enjoy all types of weather at Hoppin’ Vines! Our fireplace will warm you up during those cold winter days, and our open-air garage doors and Big Ass Fan® will keep it cool and breezy inside throughout the spring and summer. Our three outdoor covered patios will also allow for an exceptional open-air experience.

     Hoppin’ Vines strives to offer you an uncompromising family-friendly local Cincinnati environment, and we know you will find our guest focus will create memorable moments.


The Hoppin’ Vines Family

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